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It's time to start building a life you love...

Let's HUNT down your DREAMS!


Hey there!


My name is Angie Lion and I want to coach you through the biggest transformation of your life. 

Get ready to live UNCAGED in 2020! I’m empowered by helping people gain confidence, shift their mindset and grow as a human being. 

The most important step in creating success is investing in yourself and discovering your WHY. My WHY is to inspire and influence my clients to become the best version of themselves. 


My Services

Emotional Intelligence
Goal Setting
Habit Building
Personal & Professional Development
DISC Behavioral Styles


I started coaching with Angie after some discussion on how I had been living through some of my life stressors rather than thriving through them. I started with the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment, which a little to my dismay was not where I thought it should have been but at the same time lent to some explanation as to why I handled some of my stressors the way I do. The EQ results have given me areas to start working on and with coaching I have begun to make fewer excuses, gained more confidence and really take a deeper dive into what drives my behavior and how I can bring peace, joy and happiness into my life no matter what my circumstances might be at any given time. Life is always going to put you to the test it’s how you react and feed your soul during that time that builds strength, endurance and self confidence! Thanks to Angie and her coaching I won’t just be saying this I will be closer everyday to living it! Jenny

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